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Tam Truong Donnelly, R.N., BscN., MscN. Ph.D.

University of Calgary

Other highlights

  • In March, 2012, I was invited and appointed as Co-chair of the Hamad Medical Corporation Nursing Research Committee. The goals of this committee are to actively promote and develop nursing research activities in Qatar and in the Gulf region.
  • In May, 2011, I was selected and appointed as member of the Qatar National Cancer Research Committee. The Qatar National Cancer Research Committee is headed by Lord Ara Darzi, who was appointed to this position by Her Highness, Sheikha Moza Bint Nasser Al-Missned. This committee is comprised of many organizations and institutions working together to address cancer issues in Qatar.
  • In 2008, I was selected as a Senator for the University of Calgary, serving a three year term.
  • In 2007, I was nominated for a Teaching Excellence Award by students.
  • In 2005, I received the Alberta Centennial Medallion Award in recognition for my work with immigrant women.
  • My most recent funding for a research project addressing Arab women’s breast cancer screening practices in Qatar generated much interest from the media in the Middle East region, globally, and from the University of Calgary.
  • Article on breast and cervical cancer screening titled “The Health-Care Practices of Vietnamese-Canadian Women: Cultural Influences on Breast and Cervical Cancer Screening" which was published in the academic journal Canadian Journal of Nursing Research, 38 (1), 82-101 in 2006, generated much interest. I was interviewed by the Globe and Mail, the most respected and circulated national newspaper in Canada. A story about my research and a picture of my mother who is a breast cancer survivor and I was featured in the Globe and Mail, (June, 2006), the Kaiser Daily Women’s Health Policy Report (July 4, 2006), and in Health Quality Council (July 6, 2006). International scholars’ inquiries about this article were received from all over Canada, the U.S, Brazil, Russia, and the World Health Organization (WHO EMRO Cairo).
  • My article regarding coping and its implications for immigrant health care which was published in the academic journal Issues in Mental Health Nursing generated interest from both the academic and the lay populations. I was interviewed by 7 journalists. My interview with Jeff Collins was broadcasted on the CBC’s Calgary Eye Opener (January 8, 2003) and the interview with Calgary Herald’s journalist was published in the Calgary Herald (January 10, 2003). The interview with Calgary Sun’s journalist was published in the Calgary Sun(January 8, 2003). Another article about my publication was featured in the University of Calgary’s Gazette, January 13, 2003, vol. 33 No. 1. Interview with the Canadian Nurse journalist resulted in a publication about the article on the News section of the March 2003 issue of the Canadian Nurse. International scholars’ inquiries were received from Canada, the U.S, Germany, Yugoslavia, Egypt, and Russia.
  • Most of my current research projects of which I am the principal investigator are completed and in the dissemination stage. I am very fortunate to lead an interdisciplinary team of highly motivated researchers who came from nursing, social work and medicine disciplines.
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