Research in the Nursing Profession: Contributing towards improvement of health and wellness (2013)

Keynote speech at the 6th Dubai Health Authority Nursing & Midwifery Research Conference. September 30 - October 1st, 2013. Dubai, UAE

Evidence-Based Practice—how it is conceptualized and operationalized can give direction to how we ought to give care to patients. As nurses, we are ethically and morally committed to providing care to the best of our capability. Thus, it is essential that nurses incorporate best evidence/guidelines into their practice/care.

In this presentation, I will explore what we mean by evidence-based practice (EBP); what do we mean by evidence; what is research and why do we, nurses need to incorporate research into our professional practice. Drawing on several research studies at the University of Calgary-Qatar (UCQ), I will demonstrate how nurse researchers and students at UCQ generate evidence for best practice by including research within the nursing profession and make contribution towards improvement of population health and well-being. I will discuss implications to practice, education, and make recommendations for future research.